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Search Engine Optimisation

Here are Clear Concepts, we specialise in ranking local businesses on the first page of search engines. This makes your website instantly more visible to people search Google for the services that you provide. More visibility equals more leads, which in turn generates more sales for your business.

We have all the knowledge on how to optimise your website both on site and technical SEO. We are also social media experts, which we tie in with our content creation, video marketing and other Google friendly techniques.

Why Choose us?

We have years of expertise and experience in search engine optimisation and everything digital marketing related. We are passionate about SEO and what we do, along with a track record of getting great results. We will never use “Blackhat SEO” tactics to rank your site, as that would put your website at risk of being penalised.

We have had local clients who have their business explode and grow rapidly as soon as they started ranking on page one. Some of these businesses were buried 5+ pages down in the search results and they were getting no online business at all. Why don’t you let your business be next? Contact Us here today.


Social Media Icons

Social Media Management

We know that running a business takes up your valuable time, so you don’t need to be spending hours creating your own social profiles. That is where Clear Concepts comes in. We can create up to  50 social profiles for you across different platforms, not just the well known ones like, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube.

Do you have social media profiles built already? Not a problem, we can add content to your existing profiles and add any platforms you are missing.

It is important to have as many social profiles as possible, not just to help you rank in search engines, but also to develop your brand both on and offline. The techniques we use to manage your social accounts will see you benefit from; increased traffic to your website, improved customer loyalty and a better relationship with your customers.