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If A London SEO Agency Ranks On The First page of Google Are They One Of The Best In London?


Finding an SEO Agency in London

Want to leverage the power of search engine optimisation to boost your London business?


With the ever growing competition of different sectors in London, you have to capitalise on every marketing strategy that has the potential of bringing in more customers. One powerful technique is SEO, which involves increasing the rankings of your site in Google and other search engines. However, it can be confusing to select the right company that matches your needs and budget.

When you’re first starting out, it’s tempting to do a quick online search. When you go to Google and enter the keyword “SEO London” you will find a list of prospective companies. This instantly gives you several SEO agencies to choose from, but the question you should ask is: Should you limit your list to the companies ranking on the first page for this particular keyword?

The answer to the question might seem obvious on the surface. After all, they must know what they’re doing in order to rank for a competitive term like “SEO London”. But if you have even just a basic understanding of SEO, you should know that it’s silly to go by this process exclusively. You must dig a little deeper if you want to find the most reputable SEO firm that can help achieve your business goals.

Without advanced SEO knowledge, you won’t be able to tell how a particular website has reached the number one position in the SERP. There are several factors that come into play. For one, it might be because they have an old domain, thus carrying lot more power than newer business websites. It might also be due to shady link building practices.

It’s not the wisest decision to base your choice on rankings alone. A better route to take is to determine whether the SEO companies practice what they preach. It can prove frustrating when you click on one of the listings on the first page only to find an outdated site that loads awfully slow. If the company doesn’t care about their site, how much attention do you think they will give yours?
Google Search Screen


Another common scenario is finding a website that contains low quality content. You might read posts that have plenty of spelling and grammar errors. Is this the level of quality you want your own content to have?

When you find an SEO agency with a website that checks all the requisite boxes,boxes, you may have found a winner. The site must load quickly, be mobile friendly, contain high quality content and rank well for various search terms instead of just “London SEO.”

Of course, you must still take time to interview the company and learn about their SEO services. It’s recommended to find a company that specializes in local SEO. This way, you can get a custom strategy that specifically addresses your local business needs.

The number of years the company has been in business is a good quality sign. But a better measure of their expertise is the credentials of the experts. What kind of websites have they ranked in the past? Do they deal with all niches? These are just some questions that can bring you closer to making the right hire.

If possible, try to ask for local references. Getting the chance to speak with past clients in London can give you a better picture of the level of service the company offers. Be sure to ask whether timelines have been followed. Also, ask about the kind of communication extended by the service provider. The last thing you want is hire a company that makes you wait a long time before responding to your queries.



When it comes to price, keep in mind that you usually get what you pay for. It’s natural to keep your overhead costs down, but don’t sacrifice quality. Bear in mind that high quality content, links and web design all cost money. There’s a reason why the best SEO services come with higher price tags.

You can find even more information on hiring the right SEO Agency here or if you want a recommendation of a London Agency i have personally heard good things about, you can try this company for London SEO services, who’s Youtube video is above.

That’s it, you should be more well informed about the things to look for in a London SEO company or in any other area of the UK. Never narrow down your list based on the first page rankings. Do your research and learn as much as you can about the company’s background, team and track record of success.

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What is Social Media Marketing And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

Social media can be defined as the online tools that enable people to interact online deviating from the usual one-way broadcasting options offered by media. Social media can be used to promote a business as it can help you promote your brand, increase traffic and give you a chance to interact with your customers.

What is social media marketing?

It is the process of promoting brands, products or services using networking sites such as Facebook, twitter, YouTube, MySpace etc. Social media marketing can benefit businesses out there as it enables them to know what their customers are thinking and saying about their brand and products.

This can help a business improve on areas that need improvement and know how to satisfy their customers. This form of marketing is becoming more and more popular as many businesses are using it to create a buzz about their products or services.

How can social media marketing benefit your business?

Social Media Icons

Reputation management/ customer relations

All business owners know just how word of mouth is an effective form of marketing. However, most of them do not know that social media is the new word of mouth. Unless your business is new, it is almost certain that somewhere on the web, your customers are talking about your business.

They are sharing both their positive and negative experiences with potential customers. Responding to a negative comment or rating online can end up saving you customers and show that you care about your customer satisfaction.

Social media marketing will give you all the information you need essential for a successful business. With social media, you will also be able to interact with your customer like never before and develop relationships with them. It also enables you to prove your qualifications to customers and make them trust you.

It is important for business owners to learn how to leverage social media as a customer relations tool as having this knowledge will increase customer retention and customer referrals.

Return on investment
Did you know that social media marketing has the highest ROI of any form of marketing available? You will come to understand this better once you realize that you can put together a powerful campaign without it costing you any capitals as most of the social media sites are free to use.

The viral effect
Social networks enable people from all over the world to share thoughts, experiences, and opinion. A great review by a customer may influence potential customers looking for your services.

Through social media, your customers can quickly share their opinions with the people they are connected to who in turn share that knowledge with their connections. This can cause a ripple effect that can influence large groups of people within a short period of time.

When you take into account the possibility for this exponential spread of information and the fact that almost 95% of consumer’s research their purchases online before going to buy, you will understand the power of social media.

Article by Chris Scott

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Google Penguin 3.0 Infographic

Here is a great infographic designed by our friends at Glow New Media in Liverpool.

It gives a clear and concise breakdown of all the key points you need to know about Google’s latest Penguin update.

SEO: What you need to know about Google Penguin 3.0

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Local Search Engine Optimisation For Small Businesses

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is a core component of modern digital marketing. If your own business is still relatively small, SEO might look like an expense you can sidestep. Think twice before you turn your back on optimisation, especially if you’re looking to drum up business in your local community! A little sound SEO work goes a long way.

Optimisation Is For Businesses Of Every Size

Along with the many challenges that come with running your own business, marketing is a conundrum all its own. Today you’ll find no shortage of voices telling you that digital marketing is the way to go. These voices often come from marketers who would like to sell you their services, so they’re immediately suspect. With a limited promotional budget, you may be strongly tempted to leave search engine optimisation and other digital techniques up to “the big boys.”

The truth is that effective optimisation costs far less than you might think. If you use your resources wisely, you can easily become the strongest online voice in your community relating to your specific niche. This is an excellent way to position yourself, and it can lead directly to more traffic (both online and in-person), more customers, and more revenue.
Why Going Local Makes Sense

Even when you do it as cheaply as possible, good optimisation is still going to require some time and effort – and even possibly money. Why go to the trouble? It’s because online research has become an integral part of the consumer’s decision-making process in virtually every industry. Whether you’re trying to sell kitchen widgets or long-term financial services, you can be sure your prospective customers are consulting the internet before making their decisions.

When you rely on cultivating customers within your own community, it’s especially important to safeguard your online reputation. Customer reviews matter, and you need yours to be as positive as possible. The good thing about paying more attention to online customer feedback is that it teaches you a great deal about your customers’ concerns. You can learn which points of your business are strongest and which you need to work on.

Small Local business shop

How Local Optimisation Works

As part of managing your reputation, you need to take control of your business’s profiles on sites like Yelp and Google Maps. You need to make sure that your business’s contact information (what digital marketers call your “NAT” – name, address, and telephone number) is consistent wherever it appears. Study your customers and make sure your data is correct in the directories and communities they frequent.

The best long-term strategy for optimising your site for local users is to make it as helpful as possible. Provide content that shares your expertise with visitors; you always want to inform, educate, or entertain those who visit your site.

There are also certain situations where paid advertising (e.g. pay-per-click ads or targeted Facebook ads) can boost your site’s prominence. These tools are generally most effective when you target them at consumers who are ready to make a buying decision. Craft your message appropriately for that audience.
Though this article doesn’t delve too deeply into the step-by-step mechanics of optimising your site for local customers, hopefully it has demonstrated the significant value that such work could have for your business. Remember that you can learn a great deal – and get started on your own optimisation – without spending a great deal of money! The potential increase in revenue optimisation can deliver makes this area of study well worth your time.

Content provided by Bradley King


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Web Design takes us Back to Ancient Flanders

Another kind of web configuration was instituted by renowned craftsman and fashioner Erick of Nashville Web Design who his rapidly constructing a notoriety for his unusual and striking identity being depicted in the sites he outlines. The style is called Flemish Web Design and it joins comparative aesthetic ideas found in sixteenth century Dutch artistic creations while likewise keeping to mind the Scandinavian bases of their ancestors in Flanders.

While everything may appear somewhat obscure and to some degree hypercritical, Erick claims that his new Flemish web configuration is the new furor of the 21st century. As indicated by the web design awards this specific type of outline is both controversial and to some degree provocative in it’s striking shading and expression. As of now it’s extraordinary to Nashville Web Design and is estimated to experience trademarking sooner rather than later.

A hefty portion of the motivations that have evoked this specific kind of outline incorporate Joos de Beer’s Diana and Acteon painting and Aelbrecht Bouts’ Madonna and Child Enthroned. While Erick states his work doesn’t at look like these pieces, he asserts that they remain a motivation to any advanced craftsman or web planner and ought to be noted as one reason this specific style came to be.

Nashville Web Design has encountered numerous progressions throughout the years and has presented a few sorts of web outline that are utilized today by the top organizations on the planet. In Spain the Nordic JS Web Design turned into a moment exemplary in 2001 and is utilized today. Their work even shows up over the South America in Brazil and Argentina. The best web designers have just touched on what some consider to be child’s play contrasted with what’s to come. He says his actual artful culmination is a web outline idea that transcends the limits of our time and would never be really comprehended by anyone until it’s been completely refined and idealized.

The idea of Blue Steel (reference to the 2001 hit film by Ben Stiller) strikes a chord as Erick and his group start to uncover increasingly of their novel and obscure ideas. In any case, what does this mean for the web outline group, and how can this influence newcomers to the scene?

In mid 2005 it was reported that Nashville Web Design would lead the route in web plan advancement. They would turn into the best web outline organization in cutting edge ideas, while likewise making ready for newcomers to the scene. Erick needed to guarantee that anyone following in his strides would have the capacity to comprehend and gain from these ideas, receive them as their own particular and keep on innovating for future eras of web engineers and coders.

While Flemish web outline is just the tip of the ice sheet, one can just consider on what Nashville Web Design and Erick have coming later on. Gossip has it that there will be another style motivated by antiquated civic establishments, while others say that to a greater degree an otherworldly way might be utilized as the following motivation for their configuration ideas. Whatever the case, we anticipate what’s on the horizon in web outline. It would be ideal if you check in consistently for upgrades on Nashville Web Design and Erick!

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